6 Tips for How to Stay Well at Work This Week

The fact is that we spend a large part of our waking hours on the job. We cannot
have two sets of habits; one for work and one for home. Healthy work habits will
help your overall wellness and will ensure that you are a more effective and
productive employee. There are various different ways to maintain your wellness at
work. Here are six tips to improve your work wellness.

Work Standing Up

For at least part of the day, you should make sure to work at a standing desk if
your employer can provide you with one. Standing is generally healthier than
sitting, and there is less of a chance that you will gain weight while at work when
you are on your feet. In addition, standing will keep you from developing the back
pain that may get from sitting too much. Keeping your body stretched out is better
for your limbs and your joints and can even make you more productive.

Exercise on Your Lunch Break

Take advantage of your break during the day to engage in some physical activity. If
your company offers you a subsidized gym membership at work, it is almost a no-
brainer to take advantage of it during your lunch break. Not only does this benefit
your health, but it also keeps you mentally sharp during the day. Sometimes, it is
best to get exercise during the middle of your day because you may not want to
wake up early or go to the gym right after coming home from work. Thus, working
out during your lunch break can have many different benefits.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

The average American picks up hundreds of extra calories each day at work by
raiding the candy plate in the office or taking a trip to the vending machine. While
these calories are convenient, they certainly do not help your health. Sometimes, it
is these several hundred extra calories that mean the difference between a stable
weight and weight gain. Try to bring some healthy snacks with you from home in
order to avoid having to eat sugary snacks during the day at work. Each snack urge
that you resist leaves you fitter and healthier. Not only are sugary snacks at work
bad for your waistline, but they also harm your concentration by making you

distracted. Then, when the sugar high wears off, you become tired and do not
function as well.

Participate in a Wellness Program

Many employers will now offer a wellness program at work. This could include any
one of a number of benefits or incentives to get you to become healthy on the job.
Employee wellness programs could take the form of a challenge. Some companies
offer weight loss incentives or have challenges in that area. Other features od a
wellness program are discounts or other benefits that make it easier or cheaper to
improve your health. Whatever your company offers, you should get on board as a
means to improve your wellness. This is especially true if you can improve your
wellness on work time.

Take Breaks as Needed

One of the most important reasons why you need to take breaks at work is to
preserve your mental health. You may need a breather from taxing activity that is
causing you stress. Sometimes, you may need a minute to take your mind off what
you are doing or even to relax and meditate. This will have the benefit of both
keeping you sharper as well as reducing your level of anxiety. If you feel that you
are being taxed, make sure to take five minutes to catch your breath every so
often. Do not feel like you cannot take a break to recharge. You can always catch
up on your work.

Cut Back on the Coffee

Some employees rely on frequent cups of coffee or other forms of caffeine to make
it through the day. Not only is this not healthy, but this does not aid your
concentration or productivity. While an occasional cup of coffee is tolerable, by no
means should you make it through your day by virtue of your caffeine intake. If you
are under any pressure at work, caffeine will tend to accentuate and worsen your
feelings of stress and anxiety.

Start your healthy habits at work today in order to improve your overall wellness!

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