​​​​​​​Stretching SNAP Benefits for a Healthier Diet on a Fixed Income

Maddie Parker
Published Feb 1, 2024

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides a vital lifeline for low-income individuals and families, but the minimum benefit of $23 per month often falls short.

Despite this, there are strategies and options available to help stretch those limited dollars and make healthier food choices. In this article, we will explore how SNAP recipients can maximize their benefits and improve their nutrition on a fixed income.

Making the Most of SNAP Benefits

While $23 may not sound like much, every dollar in SNAP assistance can go a long way in affording healthier food options. By carefully planning and budgeting, recipients can stretch their benefits and make nutritious choices. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Smart Shopping
  • Buying in bulk for items like dried beans, rice, pasta, spices, and flour can help save money.
  • Comparing per-unit prices and opting for "family size" quantities can provide more value for money.
  • Exploring discount grocers and using store apps for discounts and promotional offers can further reduce expenses.

2. Planning Meals
  • Creating a meal plan based on affordable yet nutritious ingredients can help make the most of limited resources.
  • Including staple items like fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables, and protein sources can contribute to a balanced diet.

3. Maximizing Online Shopping
  • Taking advantage of online grocery shopping with SNAP benefits allows for convenient comparison of prices and finding discounts.
  • Both local stores and national retailers now offer this service, expanding the options available for budget-conscious shoppers.

4. Exploring Other Benefit Programs
  • It is essential to explore other federal and state benefit programs that can enhance financial stability.
  • Utilizing resources like NCOA's BenefitsCheckUp can help individuals find programs that assist with housing, utilities, prescription drugs, healthcare, and more.


While the minimum SNAP benefit falls short in meeting the nutritional needs of recipients, there are ways to make the most of the available resources.

By implementing smart shopping strategies, meal planning, online shopping, and exploring additional programs, SNAP recipients can stretch their benefits and access healthier food options.

It is crucial to advocate for policy changes that address the flaws in the SNAP benefit calculation, ensuring adequate support for vulnerable individuals on fixed incomes.

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