Empowering Individuals: Taking Action Against Retailers Discriminating Food Stamp Users

Carlo Rodriguez
Published Dec 6, 2023

Recent reports have highlighted a pressing concern: some retailers are engaging in discriminatory practices against individuals who use SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, commonly known as food stamps.

In response to this issue, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) in Washington, D.C., has emphasized the importance of combating discrimination and has provided guidelines to help affected individuals.

Let's raise awareness about reporting discriminatory retailers.

Understanding the Problem

Instances of discrimination against SNAP participants have surfaced, revealing unfair practices implemented by certain retailers. These include:

  • setting transaction minimums
  • charging fees for SNAP purchases
  • requiring a minimum SNAP balance before making a purchase
Such practices limit the ability of individuals to access nutritious food, posing a direct threat to their well-being.

Knowing Your Rights

It is crucial for SNAP participants to be informed about their rights and understand that discriminatory practices are explicitly prohibited.

SNAP regulations stipulate that retailers are forbidden from:

  • charging transaction fees
  • imposing minimum transaction amounts
  • demanding a minimum SNAP balance
  • asking SNAP users to check their balance before making a purchase

Reporting Discrimination

If you encounter discrimination or witness discriminatory practices while using your SNAP benefits, it is important to take action by reporting such incidents.

The Washington, D.C. Office of the Attorney General has established a Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-202-442-9828 for reporting complaints.

Furthermore, complaints can be submitted via email at consumer.protection@dc.gov or through the online complaint submission system to ensure prompt investigation and resolution.

Promoting Awareness and Compliance

The Office of the Attorney General works diligently to promote awareness and encourage compliance among retailers. They issue consumer alerts and business advisories emphasizing the importance of adhering to SNAP requirements.

Complaints received by the OAG are promptly forwarded to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the SNAP program, and federal officials take necessary steps to ensure that retailers comply with SNAP regulations.

Finding SNAP Retailers

To locate SNAP retailers in your area and avoid discrimination or unfair practices, the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides a user-friendly SNAP Retailer Locator tool.

This resource facilitates access to authorized retailers, enabling SNAP participants to conveniently utilize their benefits while ensuring their rights are upheld.


Discrimination against individuals using SNAP benefits is an alarming issue that demands immediate attention to safeguard equitable access to essential nutrition.

By being aware of their rights and promptly reporting incidents of discrimination, SNAP participants can play a vital role in confronting and countering these unfair practices.

Together, let us strive to eradicate discrimination, ensuring that everyone has equal access to the nutritional sustenance they deserve.

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