From Mouth Taping to Metamucil Gummies, Check Out the 2023 Wellness Trends

Sophie Kohler
Published May 31, 2023

Health and wellness have never been more on fire, especially in this post-pandemic world where folks want to maintain a strong, healthy body and mind. There are some fascinating and even weird health and wellness hacks out there that individuals are having fun adding to their daily lifestyles. Kick back and keep reading; there's something here for everyone.

Model Ashley Graham's Doing It

Beautiful Ashley Graham, the mother of three little boys and a famous curvy model, has started taping her mouth shut before she goes to sleep at night. The star, 35, is trying the new wellness trend to help her catch her ZZZs as she has trouble getting a full night's rest. Ashley has revealed that she's a mouth-breather while sleeping, and this habit can contribute to snoring, bad breath and even a scratchy throat.

Holistic practitioners believe that when you tape your mouth shut, it can humidify the nasal passages because you're forcing yourself to breathe out of your nose. You should check with your doctor before trying this popular trend.

It's the Rise of Diet Pill Plenity

Here's another one making headlines when it comes to tackling obesity. Plenity is a pill that takes your appetite away. For many trying to lose weight who can't afford gastric bypass surgery, don't want the operation or prefer a safer and easier way to drop pounds, Plenity appears to be the answer.

Plenity is taken in three capsules with water 20 minutes before lunch and dinner. The diet pill has been given the Food and Drug Administrations's (FDA) green light. It's by prescription, and the side effects may include bloating, fullness, flatulence and/or abdominal pain.

Micro Workouts Seem Just Right for Fitness

Who doesn't desire a body that's fit and full of energy, right? However, maybe you don't have the time and/or discipline for constant exercise and activity. This is where the trendy micro workouts concept comes in. You can challenge yourself to briefer, less time-consuming workouts scheduled throughout your day that get you moving and fit faster.

Think of micro workouts as bite-sized exercises that feature low-intensity movement. For instance, you could do three workouts, including 10-minute sessions during the morning, lunchtime and in the evening. Adrian Richardson, senior content strategist for Fitbit at Google and a personal trainer, explained to one such scenario: a morning dance, a quick set of push-ups and squats before lunch and then, winding down in the evening with a mini yoga session.

Yummy Gummies for Regularity, Says TikTok

It's no secret that many folks enjoy taking their daily supplements when they're in a chewable, candy-like form. Gummies are popular vitamins, and now, Metamucil gummies are one of the hottest trending items thanks to social media's TikTok. According to the numbers, Metamucil gummies grew 261% over the past year, and the fiber supplement that keeps people "regulated," receives a whopping 5.2K online searches per month.

Metamucil Fiber Gummies are sugar-free, come in a tasty orange flavor and are made with a prebiotic, plant-based fiber blend.

How to Join the Sober-Curious Bandwagon

It's becoming a mocktail kind of thing for some folks these days as they try to live a cleaner, stress-free lifestyle. Alcohol seems to play a role in society as both a vehicle for celebration and commiseration. Booze often becomes a coping mechanism for some people.

One trending behavior today is known as being sober-curious. Go out to any bar or restaurant, and you will find drinks that feature mocktails and non-alcoholic beverage alternatives.

The term sober-curious means that you take a break from booze for a short period or give it up permanently. It's about exploring your relationship with alcohol and finding a balance that works for you.

Women Are Making Circles Everywhere

The trend is growing, and women are making space for each other for healing, celebrating and honoring the divine feminine. Women's healing circles have become popular gathering events in a safe and nurturing environment. You can find a healing circle near you by researching online.

It's all about the beauty and compassion of sisterhood.

Health and wellness go together. You want a body and mind that function at their optimal best. You also want to be happy and have a successful existence. Every person has the capacity for achieving full potential. Keep going, and have fun along the way.


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