The Inflated Cost of Proper Nutrition

Most people do perfectly understand that the food they put into their bodies has a direct and immediate impact on their health and how they feel.

It's why diet crazes are always able to take off.

Despite the statistics in America, which are skewed by a multitude of factors, most Americans want to eat better.

One of the biggest issues is that Americans have been lied to by corporations and even doctors and politicians for generations. The "food pyramid" and doctors telling you to not eat protein and animal fat, and to instead try more wheat products, has been disastrous for the waist line of an entire nation.

People are waking up to these falsehoods in droves, and so they're trying to purchase more nutritious foods at the store. The problem, however, is that the most nutritious food at the grocery store is a whole lot more expensive than the junk that you could otherwise eat.

Lean meats, quality organic eggs, fresh vegetables, etc; these sorts of nutritious items are really going through the roof in terms of price. If you were to go into the store and just purchase nothing but fresh, organic, farm-raised food, which is by far the best source of nutrition you can find, you would likely end up paying over 50% more than if you purchased big-corporation, mass-produced items, especially if you included chips and snacks and freezer junk on that list.

This was actually a huge issue in America right around 2010, when former President Barack Obama spoke openly about families not being able to afford fresh produce. Though rather than doing anything about it, the administration, like all administrations previous, kicked the can to the next president.

Trump then tried to replace SNAP benefits with nutrition baskets, where poor individuals and families would have healthy food delivered to them, so that they could eat better and feel better. This was called "racism" by the mainstream press, and nothing else was done about the issue.

Now, under President Biden, food costs are at an all-time high, and they're exponentially higher for items that have good nutrition.

7% is Such an Odd Lie

To hear the news media and the administration tell it, everything's okay and food prices are only around 7% higher, in concert with the transitory inflation that they promise is temporary.

However, social media exists, and people post their receipts all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other sites, and everyone can see that people are paying a lot more for groceries now. This is especially true for larger families, and particularly those larger families that eat healthy food. Some are paying literally over 100% more (double!) for their grocery bills on a weekly basis.

So, why are the people charged with informing the public so incredibly dishonest about what's happening? Any answer proposed would be pure speculation. There are likely all sorts of reasons that a corporate-owned press would want to tell you that there's nothing bad happening. But Americans are the ones who have to personally pay for their food, and they can see the steep rise in food prices, especially for nutritious food.

Poor Eating Habits are Affordable

Poor eating habits have always been a lot more affordable. Why is it cheaper to eat unhealthy food and just gain weight?

There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, most of these food items are made with a whole lot of sugars and wheat products, which are still dirt cheap in comparison to items that have actual nutritional value to them. The cost of raising a cow, for instance, and butchering it, packaging it, and getting you a nice, healthy t-bone steak is a lot higher than mass producing some chocolate cake that's stuffed with vegetable oil posing as whipped cream. This was the case long before inflation went on the rise, so the current economic situation is just exacerbating the issue.

Another reason is that there are just so many different companies and corporations that are all competing for your business. So when you want that chocolate cake filled with the faux whipped cream, you're going to find a dozen different brands at the store. They want to attract your business and so the prices are kept relatively low in comparison to actual healthy items.

Unfortunately, this is just the state of the American economy now. If you want to eat better, you will have to pay a lot more.

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