What to Eat if You Want to Mitigate the Appearance of Wrinkles

Nobody will blame you if you want to keep your skin looking as youthful and wrinkle-free as possible. In addition to limiting your exposure to the sun, getting adequate sleep, and staying well hydrated, you can delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles by nourishing your body with the right types of food.

Here are a few of the best types of nutrients to eat regularly if you want to reduce skin wrinkling.


The best thing that you can do for your skin's health is to focus on eating plenty of foods that are rich in antioxidants. Foods that feature an abundance of antioxidants work hard to battle the free radicals that are the result of UV damage. The good news is that it is easy to find foods that are rich in antioxidants. Popular choices include berries, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and plums.

Within the broader family of antioxidants are specific vitamins that are useful in mitigating the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants, primarily distinguished for its ability to support the immune system and defend the skin from free radicals. You will find vitamin C in high amounts in broccoli, strawberries, peppers, and potatoes.

You will also find a solid amount of protection for your skin by eating plenty of foods rich in vitamin A. This nutrient works alongside its partner compound beta-carotene to fight off wrinkles. Foods that are high in vitamin A include carrots and sweet potatoes. Many people are able to boost their intake of vitamin A through cheese and other types of dairy products.

Lastly, you can increase your intake of antioxidants by eating plenty of vitamin E. This nutrient calms the body's inflammatory processes, helping to fend off dryness of the skin. You will find large amounts of vitamin E in foods such as olives, almonds, and peanuts. Vitamin E is also prevalent in sunflower, safflower, and soybean oil.

With the right nutritional plan, most individuals do not have a difficult time taking in sufficient amounts of these crucial vitamins for skin health.


Collagen is a special kind of protein that is known for its ability to support strong bones, hair, nails, and tendons. Collagen is also instrumental in keeping the skin healthy and youthful. Although many people turn to the use of collagen supplements for skin health, there are also foods that contain this protein. Some of the best foods to eat if you are looking to boost your collagen intake include citrus fruits, chicken, and egg whites.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There is no shortage of the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. While many individuals use omega-3s in an effort to boost brain health, these fatty acids are also known for their ability to lower inflammation throughout the body. Less inflammation translates to less dryness and wrinkling of the skin. Good food sources for omega-3s include fatty cold water fish such as sardines and herring. Salmon is one of the most popular food choices if you want to increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Other good sources include shrimp, oysters, seaweed, and chia and hemp seeds. Because the foods that are naturally high in omega-3s are not always palatable for a lot of people, the use of supplements is also a popular choice.

Foods to Avoid

In addition to being intentional about eating the right foods for healthy skin, there are also a handful of foods that you should actively avoid. Sugary or high-glycemic index foods automatically raise the body's blood sugar levels, leading to the onset of inflammation. This inflammation speeds up the aging process, including the development of wrinkles.

Other foods that contribute to wrinkling include salty and fried products. Because salt draws water from the surface of the skin, it is more likely to dry out and begin to wrinkle. Likewise, fried foods increase the cellular damage to the skin. You should also actively avoid excessive alcohol usage and ultra-processed meats if preventing wrinkles is your goal.

You can never prevent the aging process entirely. However, by nourishing your skin with the right nutrients and avoiding the foods that cause harm, you will give your complexion a healthy boost.

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