Getting Your Chocolate Fix without the Carbs

There are conflicting messages delivered to average people in mainstream society today. One message says that people shouldn't worry about their weight, and that people can be "healthy at any size."

This contingent of activists even goes so far as to claim that being morbidly obese doesn't have side effects like diabetes, heart diseases, weaker immune systems, etc.

On the flip-side of that coin, there's a much larger contingent that pushes healthy eating and active lifestyles for people, claiming that this is the best way to stay healthy.

Thankfully, the majority of people are starting to realize that those "healthy at any size" messages are basically self-serving messages by heavier people to make themselves feel better, and in reality gaining weight is bad for your health.

Millions of people are trying to lose weight, especially since the COVID lock-downs are now over.

But the issue many have is that they don't want to change their diet.

Well, with the right substitutes, you won't have to. Like with low-carb keto chocolate chips. You can have chocolate without the sugar.

The idea of low-carb chocolate isn't anything new. Baker's chocolate has been available for decades, and people can eat this without having to worry about the sugar.

However, the reason it doesn't have any sugar is because it's meant to go into recipes that use sugar, and so it's bitter and not sweet at all.

With the newer line of keto chocolate chips on the market today, you can get delicious, sweet chocolate that's actually a boon for your overall nutrition instead of an anchor around your neck. Having these sorts of options is a great thing for people looking to shed some pounds without sacrificing the foods they love.

Variety and Competition

The coolest thing about these new chocolate items is that they come in a wide variety of options. There are quite a few different brands out there that make chocolate that's great for a keto or low-carb diet, or anyone trying to shed a few pounds.

The main thing you'll find on the aisles and shelves of grocery stores is chocolate chips. These are great for putting into cookies, melting down, and for all other sorts of applications.

Though they also have quite a few different sorts of candy bars out there that are keto friendly. You can find entire candy bars that only have around 4 net carbs, which is pretty much the equivalent of taking one simple bite of a high-sugar option. Less sugar also means fewer calories, so even if you're not on keto it's a great way to limit the calories you ingest.

If you are on keto, however, then you're probably definitely worried about your nutritional macros - the specific amounts of calories, fat, protein and carbs.

To ensure that the sweetener the company is using doesn't still turn to glucose in your blood stream and cause an insulin response, it's important that you look for items that are sweetened with stevia, monkfruit or erythritol. Sweeteners with words "dextrim" or "tose" in any of the ingredients will still cause an insulin response by raising your blood sugar. It's important to read these ingredient labels. The good news, of course, is that there are a lot of brands out there that realize this and so they sweeten their chocolate with truly sugar-free options.

A Guilt-Free Treat

These newer chocolate items are a fantastic treat to have without feeling guilty. The big benefit here is that this sort of chocolate not only helps you stick to your diet, but it may make you want to actually go on a diet. If you can have the exact same sorts of food, but ultimately lose weight by eating it, who wouldn't want that sort of boon to their nutrition? The food industry has come a very long way in creating items that help people lose weight instead of packing it on.

More Where That Came From

If you are concerned about your nutrition and want something like sugar-free chocolate, there's even better news. You can also find caramel, marshmallows, and a wide range of different treats that are made using stevia and other artificial sweeteners that will not cause a blood sugar spike and thus will help you to lose weight. As long as you're serious about a diet, there are tons of sweet options from which you can choose.

With these great option, you no longer have to sacrifice the foods you love to lose weight.

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