10 Habits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Life

William Asher
Published Jan 2, 2024

Everyone experiences a slump now and then, or finds themselves not where they want to be in life. Changing your mindset begins with changing your habits and behaviors. Cultivating these habits helps you move toward a more fulfilling and meaningful life as you nourish the best within yourself and improve your motivation, relationships, and confidence.

Avoid People who Negatively Impact Your Quality of Life

Toxic people will always be around, but that doesn't mean you need to spend time with them. Minimize the negative influence of people toxic to you by staying away from them as much as possible. When you find yourself focusing on someone who makes you angry, redirect your thoughts to someone you are grateful for.

Disconnect Appropriately

When you spend time with your friends, family, or coworkers, put away your computer, phone, and tablet. Engage with the people you are with, and focus on them instead of an electronic device. Avoid using these devices in bed as well. The short-wave blue light emitted by these devices interferes with the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that makes you feel drowsy. Evening exposure to short-wave blue light interrupts melatonin production making it more difficult to fall asleep and sleep well. A good night's sleep is important, so avoid using your phone, tablet, or computer after dinner.

Be Grateful for the Here and Now

Gratitude, being able to appreciate what you have, is a basic part of peace and happiness. You may not have everything you want, but you have many things you can be grateful for. A meal with friends, a morning walk, flowers blooming; there are many simple moments to appreciate in life. Focus on appreciating the things you have, not on what you don't have.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water has many health benefits, and provides clarity and energy throughout the day. A glass in the morning helps you wake up, and can be a quick pick me up any time. Keep water easily accessible by carrying a water bottle with you and drink from it often to stay properly hydrated.

Get Organized

Spare time is a scarce and highly prized resource that's often wasted due to lack of organization. Create a place for all those little project that only take a minute, then address them in a timely manner.

Recognize that Things Aren't Always as They Seem

The person you envy because they have it all together is likely to have many problems you don't know about. It feels like a huge hassle when your boss announces their decision to move offices, but it may turn out to be a great change. Remember that you don't know everything and can't see what will happen in the future, so be open to surprises.

Begin, Even if You Might Fail

Most writers spend hours brainstorming and writing pages they know they will never use because they understand that ideas develop over time. People often freeze up when it's time to begin a project because their ideas are not perfect. But getting started and allowing your ideas time to grow and evolve is crucial to producing something great.

Set Aside Me-Time

Do things that allow you to relax, value yourself, and just be you. Make time for activities that allow you to be authentically you, whether it's dancing, going for a run, or singing to your favorite song. These moments are rejuvenating, so make them a priority.

Say No

If someone asks you to take on an event, project, donation, or activity that doesn't fit with your priorities or schedule, say no. This honors your existing commitments and allows you the time and energy required to complete them successfully.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals is a great way to motivate yourself, but unrealistic goals set you up for failure. They may be inspiring at first, but if you are unable to complete them, then you feel disappointed and guilty. Instead, set goals that will challenge you, but that are possible to achieve.

Your habits influence your attitude, character, and happiness. Begin to cultivate these habits, and realize that your happiness and peace are up to you.

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