Speaking with Your Doctor About the Vaccine

Speaking with Your Doctor About the Vaccine

If one were to judge what's happening in America based on what the television and mainstream Internet news says, one would reach the conclusion that America is a horribly racist place where no one is happy, all women are forced to stay in kitchens, and no Democrat has ever won an election because Republicans are busy cheating. The reality of the world, however, is that Democrats have 100% control of media and corporations, and the majority of government. With that control, the only message pushed over the past six months has been the vaccine. Get it. Get two vaccines, and a booster shot every 8 months, and unless you get the vaccine, you're making other people sick, even if you're healthy. But is getting the vaccine really in your best interests for your overall wellness?

This is not an anti-vaccine piece, nor is it a pro-vaccine piece. It's an information piece. To that end, people should maybe stay away from their televisions. Is that one person who calls themselves a "doctor" because they have a sociology degree, while getting paid by MSNBC to repeat MSNBC's narrative, really a trustworthy source for your own health and wellness? Many people would say yes; and, to that end, they have believed masks are useless while also necessary; kids cannot get sick but are in danger of dying; and asymptomatic spread isn't real but, wait, yes it is. These are the messages from TV, coming just weeks apart.

When it comes to your wellness and your risk for COVID, the mainstream news media and some weird, choppy, hologram Presidential speech should be the last things you rely on. The information coming your way via the mainstream constantly changes and flip-flops, and it's one promise to the American public after the other was just broken, seemingly in favor of Big Pharma making another few billion dollars in subsidized medicine.

Media refuses to give people any information at all on the side effects of vaccines, and there are no studies of these vaccines, especially long-term effects. Tens of thousands of medical doctors and scientists have spoken out all over the world, and they're banned on Facebook, suspended from Twitter, deleted from YouTube, and called crazy conspiracy theorists by a mainstream media that urges us to "listen to the science." Though when that science doesn't suggest every single man, woman and child alive needs a vaccination against a virus whose survival rate is 99.8%, suddenly those dissenting scientists are shunned and shamed.

The point here is not that the vaccine is bad and should be avoided. The point is that, for your overall wellness, it should be a personal decision, and you should speak with your own medical doctor about what's in your best interest.

Knowing the Risks

The fact of the matter is that any vaccine, any sort of medicine, is something that's going to impact you differently than other people. Your individual health and overall physiology is personal to you. For instance, if you have had COVID already and have recovered, your doctor may tell you that you already have the antibodies necessary. Over a hundred years of science suggests that this is the case with these sorts of viruses, and CNN shaming you into believing that's not true is something that should be ignored.

Speaking with your personal doctor, he or she can tell you what sort of risks you're looking at either way. You may have preexisting conditions that could be exacerbated by the vaccine, or you may be a prime candidate who needs the vaccine for protection against the virus.

Your own health, medical history, and other factors are important. These vaccines are not one size fits all, evidenced by the fact that there are four separate vaccines on the market and none of them have the same ingredients, the same side effects, or provide the same levels of protection against COVID. So, for a vaccine that's so seemingly random, why would every single person need to get it? And if so, which one? It's all a convoluted mess that can only happen in a polarized America.

Thousands of people have felt extreme pressure to get the vaccine. Yet instead of speaking with their doctors about the vaccine, they have instead listened to a sensationalist corporate-owned media telling them that it's their duty to receive a vaccine for which no studies exist supporting its efficacy or safety. You don't have to be cynical about it, though you should speak to your personal doctor to understand what's happening.

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