9 Food Subscription Boxes That You Can Get for Free

Chris Remington
Published Jun 18, 2023

Food subscription services seem to be everywhere. Unfortunately, only a few of these services offer free trials. Before you sign up for a service, you want to find out if it is good or not. The following options allow you to try a free meal or snack before you make your decision.

1. Blue Apron

This popular meal kit offers the first three meals for free. It uses sustainably sourced seafood, seasonal produce and hormone-free meat. You get to pick the meals you want each week and cook them at home.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

Coffee lovers can rejoice. Blue Bottle Coffee lets new customers get two ounces of their specialty coffee. If you decide that you love the service, the subscription costs $15 to $18 before shipping costs are added. You can select a weekly or monthly plan. All of the coffee comes from sustainable farms and is roasted within 48 hours of being shipped.

3. InstaCandy

If you love candy, then InstaCandy is an excellent choice. The company will send a free box for you to test out. All you have to pay is the shipping costs. Afterward, you pay $19.99 for eight treats every month. Every box is a blend of sour candy, chocolate and sweet candy.

4. Munchery

Munchery offers a blend of prepared and ready-to-cook food. You can choose a meal that is ready to eat or that you make at home. It offers a free meal for new subscribers. Afterward, you get 30 days to try the service before you decide if you want to subscribe for longer. You can pick the type of cuisine and choose dietary restrictions.

5. Pete's Paleo

Making Paleo meals just became a little easier. Pete's Paleo is offering a free pound of bacon for new subscribers. Afterward, you can sign up for meals with grass-fed, organic meat. Most orders will ship for free and are all designed for the Paleo diet. The meals include options like chicken fajitas, beef hash and roasted boniato.

6. Naturebox

Snacking just became a little easier. With Naturebox, new subscribers get a sample box with six snacks. You just have to pay for the shipping. The normal subscription costs $29.99 a month for eight snacks. All of their snacks are free of preservatives and artificial additives.

7. Heirloom Mail

This option is great if you like interesting ingredients and ethnic cuisine. To start out, you can get a free box of ingredients. Afterward, you receive a box each month with information about an ingredient from a unique culture. The ingredient comes with recipe ideas and stories about the ingredient. Some of the recent ingredients have been Egyptian dates, American hazelnuts and Lebanese Za'atar.

8. Graze

Graze creates snacks free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. These snacks are designed to be portion controlled so that you always eat the right amount. The company limits salt and sugar to ensure a healthy, balanced snack. If you are a new subscriber, you can get a free trial box of four different snacks. Afterward, you can choose to have snacks delivered weekly, monthly or bi-weekly. The boxes are sold for $13.99 with free shipping included. Each box contains eight snacks that can be tailored to your food preferences. With Graze, you will never become bored because there are more than 100 snacks available.

9. Wine Awesomeness

For wine lovers, Wine Awesomeness is a chance to try three new bottles of wine every month. If you are a new subscriber, you can enjoy having a free bottle of wine on the house. Once you sign up for the service, every box is $45. The shipping price is included. Wine Awesomeness designs the boxes based on the theme for the month and your personal preferences. You can choose white wine, red wine or a blend of both options. When the box arrives, it includes a magazine that shows the best food pairings and the tasting notes.

In modern life, no one has time to research recipes, shop for sustainable produce and cook every meal. Luckily, subscription services make eating at home simple. They come with prepackaged ingredients so that you can cook the exact recipe. Snacks, wines and candy subscriptions allow you to get healthy options without having to leave your home.

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