3 Ways to Relieve Lock-Down Stress

According to all reputable news sources, of which there certainly are not many, the federal government is again planning for another round of lock-downs due to the supposed COVID surge in the United States. Unlike the last round of lock-downs, however, the word coming from the White House is that these will not be state-specific, but rather federally enforced nationwide stipulations. This news is causing a lot of people to really stress out, which is greatly affecting their general wellness in negative ways. While the mainstream media only focused on COVID deaths, with their death-trackers in their chyrons, the fact is that many millions of Americans suffered with weight gain and diabetes and stress and anxiety last year. Many are anxious just thinking about the lock-downs returning.

Stress and anxiety can affect the body in numerous ways. It can throw off a person's sleep cycle, their diets, and even induce depression. Suicides went up drastically while schools were closed and everyone was forced to stay at home. The human species naturally likes to roam around and be sociable. Forcing everyone to stay inside negatively affected the wellness of tens of millions, though you are not going to hear about that on the prime-time news. Here are a few tips you can implement in your life to help you avoid a lot of the stress and anxiety associated with having the nation shut down once again.

1: Develop Better Eating Habits

Generally speaking, one's overall wellness is typically tied in with how well their bodies are functioning, which is directly tied to one's dieting habits. So many people are scared to go out to grocery stores due to the fact that media is constantly in their ears telling them that they're at risk of dying. So, they become terrified to leave the home, and instead of eating a healthy, balanced diet, many were eating out and stuffing themselves with high-sugar, high-carb food choices that were causing weight gain, blood sugar spikes, and higher blood pressure.

All of these things are horrible for one's overall wellness. A body dealing with these sorts of sugar spikes and an elevated heart rate can easily bring on anxiety and a lot of stress. The better you eat, the better you will feel. So do not feel it's necessary to eat poorly just because you're stuck inside. Take the opportunity to treat yourself better with a healthier diet.

2: Sleep on a Regular Schedule

Sleeplessness or having a sporadic sleep schedule doesn't feel bad or harmful at first. You might just feel a bit tired, and you'll inevitably chalk that up to a late night or two. However, what's really happening is that your body's mechanisms and chemistry is all shifting on you. Your digestive system gets thrown out of whack. Your day-night cycle is interrupted. These things really shock the body and will ultimately manifest themselves in feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression.

You should know that it's incredibly important for your general wellness to try to stick to a sleep schedule. Though you may not have a job to go to, this still doesn't mean just staying awake all hours of the night and messing up your schedule. Stay disciplined in how you sleep.

3: Avoid Those Triggers

Many people will ultimately end up dealing with a lot of stress due to triggers they absorb while at home. These triggers can include watching the news and seeing all the stories about the people who are suffering. Many of us subconsciously empathize on a level so deeply that we begin to feel fear and dread, wondering if it will affect us or our loved ones. Yes, you want to stay informed, but there's a very fine line between knowing what's going on and being beaten over the head with propagandized fear-mongering. The latter is going to bring about a lot of stress and anxiousness and cripple your general wellness.

It's much better for you to read online articles. This way, you can sift through the headlines and stay informed about things you want or need to know about, while avoiding all of that fear-mongering that's constantly going on for ratings. You just have to remain disciplined and leave that TV news alone.

Your general wellness is something that's very delicate and can easily be thrown out of balance. By focusing more on your diet, your sleep habits, and the type of media you consume, you can do more to promote your wellness.

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