Dealing with Diabetes? Here is What You Should and Should Not Drink

When you are dealing with diabetes, you have to worry about more than just what you eat. You also need to take care to ensure that you are drinking the right beverages to keep this condition under control. Especially with summer here, it is important that you stay well hydrated by taking in the proper amount of liquids.

Here is some information to help to guide your beverage choices if you have diabetes.

What Not to Drink

The cardinal rule to remember when choosing beverages is to avoid sugary drinks. Too much sugar puts diabetics over their carbohydrate limits, making it difficult to control their blood sugar levels. Instead, diabetics need to be focused on using their carbohydrates to supply foods that are rich in nutrients. Most sugary beverages are simply empty calories that contribute nothing to your overall dietary needs.

What to Drink

The single best thing to drink in abundance regardless of if you have diabetes is plain water. This offers the most hydration along with a host of additional benefits. Water keeps your skin looking beautiful, helps to energize tired muscles, controls caloric intake, boosts the function of the kidneys and the bowels, and more.

However, it is understandable if you get bored with regular tap or bottled water. Here are a few of the best ideas for beverages if you are also trying to keep your diabetes in check.

  • Seltzer Water - Maybe you need a little fizz or flavor to make your water more palatable? The beverage market is flooded with sugar-free seltzer or mineral waters that will keep you hydrated while staying within your dietary needs.

  • Water with a Twist - If you prefer still water over the carbonated versions but still want a bit of flavor, consider simply adding a twist to your beverage. Good ideas to boost the flavor of your plain water include a squeeze of lemon or lime. Cucumber slices added to your water is another fresh idea. Or try muddling some berries or fresh mint leaves for something different.

  • Tomato Juice - Think outside the box and reach for a glass of tomato juice to stay hydrated. Tomato juice is incredibly rich in nutrients, particularly when it comes to vitamin A and vitamin C. It also helps to keep hunger at bay because it is so filling. Be sure to check the sodium content if you need to keep this under control.

  • Low-fat Milk - While you do not want to overdo the milk, drinking it in moderation is generally fine for most diabetics. Although milk contains a fair amount of sugar, the protein and fat in this product work to mitigate the rate in which the body absorbs the sugar. Low-fat milk is also a great source of calcium and vitamin D, making it a good overall addition to your diet.

  • Coffee - You do not have to give up your caffeine fix just because you have diabetes. However, it is important that you are careful not to go overboard with the sugar and cream in your milk. This means that those fancy coffee drinks should be off limits. Instead, choose plain black coffee and add a splash of skim milk. You also need to be careful to not drink so much coffee that you become dehydrated.

  • Teas - Tea is another great alternative to standard coffee. Herbal teas are available in both caffeinated or decaf versions. These flavorful teas are generally free of calories and sugar. Have fun experimenting with the cornucopia of teas available these days to consumers.

  • Soup - Your hydration needs should not be limited to beverages. Foods such as soup do a stellar job delivering crucial hydration to the body. Most soups boast a good amount of water while also being low in carbs. Vegetable soups, classic chicken soup, and broth-based soups are all good choices for diabetics looking to hydrate while also stay within their carbohydrate goals.

How you choose to hydrate your body can have a detrimental effect on how well you are able to control your diabetes. Making the best choices will ensure that you stay hydrated while staying within the nutritional guidelines set forth for diabetics.

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