Wellness in the COVID-19 Era: Stay at Home Or Go to the Gym?

If you look into the window of a local gym, you'll likely see that it has far fewer people than normal. Many people, especially in areas hit harder by Coronavirus, are more reluctant to do anything in public unless absolutely necessary.

However, some of this is due to media over-hyping the virus. People with immunodeficient organs should absolutely avoid public contact. Those who are both very young and very old should also avoid public surroundings as much as possible. However, many people don't fall into any of these categories. A relatively healthy person in their 20s, 30s, or 40s may not need to heed the same advice that someone older and in poorer health might. Here's what to consider before deciding to stop attending that gym class.

Look at Where You Live

The severity of COVID-19 appears to vary based on location. Scientists aren't sure why this is the case, but the further it gets from the coasts, the less severe it appears to be. States like California have been hit very hard, and if you live in such a state, it's advisable to go ahead and cancel that gym class.

Most states have declared a "state of emergency" at this point. Remember, this is largely symbolic and to allow access to more resources faster than they otherwise could get them. If your state has declared emergency, remember that this does not mean it's time to go into panic mode! You should do individual research on the status of COVID-19 in your own state.

If it appears rampant, it's healthier to isolate. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, this one is a no-brainer. However, if you live in rural Tennessee, there's likely little risk of catching this bug through a gym class. Of course, it's not impossible, since many people are asymptomatic. You should just be careful to not let this virus rule your life where possible.

Risk-Benefit Ratio

You should also look at what you're risking versus what you get, just like in most situations. If you can get relatively similar instruction at your home and have similar equipment, skipping some classes may not be a huge issue. Don't underestimate the power of collective wellness, though! This means that working out in the company of other people can have a synergistic effect on everyone involved; this largely explains why people still attend gym classes in the digital age.

If your risk of catching the virus is fairly low, and your mental or physical health is at stake, it's likely you should attend that class. Of course, if you're feeling ill or are in a COVID-19-stricken area, you should look at the issue a bit more closely.

Explore Digital Options

Regardless, you should explore some of the new digital wellness options that have popped up in the past few years. Many people don't realize the level of technology to which they have free or cheap access through an employer or government. Especially because of the current Coronavirus concern, employers are offering digital health-related benefits at a higher rate than ever before.

This, in conjunction with "wearables", or tech that monitors various health factors and notifies you when you hit a certain threshold you specify, can actually serve as a decent holistic health option. Remember, exercising is one of the key ways to keep your immune system working as it should, so don't shirk it on account of COVID-19! You simply need to scrutinize how you exercise a bit more closely.

In Conclusion

Finally, only you can know whether it's a better idea to stay home alone and do an exercise class online or go to the gym. Keep a close pulse on news from official sources, such as the CDC, to know where the newest cases of COVID-19 are. You may need to modify your plan as you go. At the same time, especially if you're prone to hypochrondriac tendencies, you should be careful to not go overboard.

If you do tend to ruminate a bit too much about health issues, it's best to have this discussion with a loved one. We often underestimate the effects of working out in a gym versus by ourselves. It can also make a huge difference whether we work out with a partner at home or alone at home.

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