Experiencing Strange COVID-19 Dreams Lately? Here Are Some Tips to Help

You are not alone if you are experiencing strange dreams during this time of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Many individuals are reporting a host of bizarre dreams that may be attributed to the stress of this unprecedented time. In times of uncertainty and stress, it is not unusual for the body and the mind to react on a cognitive level through nighttime dreams.

Dreams are a chief way that the mind processes new information from the day and the accompanying emotions. This makes it natural to have vivid dreams when the brain is under stress. Even if you do not feel consciously stressed about the pandemic, your mind may be processing these feelings differently.

Here are five ways that you can help to reduce these strange dreams so that you have enjoy a better night of sleep.

Turn Off the News

Although you may not realize it on a conscious level, too much news may be affecting your subconscious and causing you to have these vivid dreams. While it is admirable to want to be an informed citizen, it is also important that you do not fall victim to news overload. Try limiting your consumption of news to no more than one hour per day. Watching or reading the news more than this may be causing you unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Provide Your Brain with Positive Images

Rather than watching the news before bed, try feeding your brain positive images instead. You will prepare your brain for a more restful night of sleep if you look at pictures from past vacations or read something that soothes your soul before you close your eyes. Other ideas to consider include playing a board game with the family before everyone heads to bed or watching a light-hearted video. The goal is to put your brain in a positive frame of mind so that it retains this positivity as you drift off to dreamland.

Be Consistent

One of the best ways that you can ensure a good night of sleep is to be consistent with your sleep patterns. Staying up too late may cause you to have more unsettling dreams. Having a consistent sleep routine will train the body that this is the time to rest. You should also avoid unnecessary napping and hanging out in your bed when you are not actually sleeping. If your sleep is fragmented, it will be harder for the body to get the rest that it needs and you will be more likely to have strange dreams.

Voice Your Feelings

Scientists have long known that dreams are an expression of what is going on in your mind. If your dreams are leaving you feeling uneasy, it may be a good idea if you make an effort to talk to others about your feelings. Voicing your thoughts will reduce the chances that they play out in your dreams at night. If the dreams are becoming increasingly worrisome, talking with a trained professional may help you to deal with these feelings on the surface so that they do not make their way into your dreams as easily.

Focus on Self-Care

Overhauling your bedtime routine will go a long way in helping you to rest more soundly at night. Self-care looks different for everyone. For some individuals, self-care may come in the form of meditation or yoga. For others, they may feel pmapred and rejuenated by curling up with a good book with a mug of hot tea. However self-care looks for you, practicing this intentionally will put you in a better position to sleep at night without interruption. Some individuals also find success by designating a specific time of the day to worry. This leaves the other time to live more freely and without mental exhaustion and anxiety.

It is important to not dwell on these dreams if you experience them. If the dreams wake you up from your slumber, try taking a deep breath to relax the body and mind before trying to get back to sleep. You may also find it helpful if you keep reminding yourself that this is a temporary situation and that you have the strength to get through it.

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