Wellness Centers Reopening in Numbers

A wellness center is defined in a fairly broad sense as an establishment in which someone enters to receive various treatments that are designed to care for the mind and body. Over the course of the past couple of generations, America's healthcare system has become perhaps the largest corporation in the history of the planet. As such, wellness centers are denounced by the so-called "experts" in the medical field as quackery and alternative medicine that is not sanctioned by the FDA. Though don't you dare ask the FDA about fentanyl or the hundreds of medicines and devices recalled in the past few years. Don't worry about the FDA approving literal poisonous food. No; they're experts, and despite the fact a wellness center product has never had to be called because it's poisoned someone, Big Pharma maligns them. For people who want to get away from chemicals and corporations, wellness centers are starting to reopen all over America.

There are all sorts of different treatments and therapies that are offered at wellness centers. Mainstream media pushes them as the places where fraudulent snake-oil salesmen pretend to cure cancers. But this isn't the movies; this is real life, and as such, you can find a range of holistic, natural treatments for your skin and your muscles, joint pain, and methods to relieve your stress. From just a deep cleanse or a sauna steam to a massage or acupuncture, you have a lot of viable options at a wellness center.

The thing about going the natural route is that it's just ironically considered taboo in America these days to not pump your body full of chemicals. It's almost as if you're ostracized, part of some radical cult, unless you have a prescription for an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication. People who actually want to relieve their stress and anxiety through diet, exercise, and relaxing treatments at a wellness center are decried as some backwards, Bronze-Age radicals. "It's the chemicals that are going to save you! And for the price of a new car payment every single month, for the rest of your natural life, you can get pills from a pharmacist to make you feel better!"

It's very easy to see why a lot of people are going to opt for the wellness center's holistic, natural methods, despite how they may be ridiculed by the mainstream media and even by politicians. One of the first things former president Donald Trump suggested, as soon as the COVID-19 virus showed up in America, was keeping one's immune system strong by eating right and exercising. As you can imagine, and as you might actually remember, Trump was maligned and ridiculed by the mainstream media and practically every Democratic politician, and was said to be causing the deaths of people through "bad advice."

What was the "good advice" to counter the bad? Go see a doctor and get pills! Take medicine that's approved by the medical community! For millions of people out there, it brings up a valid question to mind: How in the world did human beings ever survive through thousands of years without being able to shove chemicals into our bodies? It really is too much.

America: One of a Kind

A lot of left-wing people, especially those who consider themselves Democratic Socialists, are constantly opining for a day where America offers free healthcare to everyone. Elderly people and those who aren't citizens of this nation have free healthcare. The very poor also have free healthcare. For everyone else, however, they must pay. America will never have a universal healthcare system as long as Big Pharma is pulling the strings. That's just a stone-cold fact that one can either accept or just put their head down and pretend they don't notice it. The healthcare industry doesn't have a political party, and its only motive seems to be profit. If the huge pharmaceutical corporations could, they would shutter every single wellness center in America.

Thankfully, these centers are not shuttered and are starting to open back up in droves. There is no legitimate reason that the government can keep them shut down, even if the government is absolutely terrified that a person may go into a wellness center to feel better instead of going to see a doctor for a prescribed medication.

So, at least for right now, there are a quite a few wellness centers from which you can choose in order to receive some gentle, stress-relieving treatments that do not require actual medications.

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