The Federal ban on evictions is reassuring to tenants but an extended burden on those who own the rental properties. The global pandemic has Americans waiting in mile long lines for groceries. Happy well-adjusted children are suddenly sad and depressed. T

The Federal ban on evictions is reassuring to tenants but an extended burden on those who own the rental properties. The global pandemic has Americans waiting in mile long lines for groceries. Happy well-adjusted children are suddenly sad and depressed. Their parents may fear losing their home as well as catching the dreaded Covid-19. To solve some of these problems, you need an appropriate advocate in your corner. With international health organizations and international governments striving to find a vaccine and a cure, your local social services office, if you preserver, can probably refer you to someone who can help you solve your pandemic-related problems.

Food Lines

When Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos simultaneously laid off 26,000 people, couples with 36 years in the casino industry lost both incomes. They drive ten miles to the nearest food line for fresh produce, canned food, pasta, and rice. With two children in college, they suddenly worry that they could lose their home. Both are two young to retire.

Students' Mental Health

The University of Wisconsin surveyed 3,000 students in 71 counties in Wisconsin and reported that 65 percent of the students felt anxious and 69 percent were depressed. Students felt like their lives were taken from them. They lost their friends and staying at home leaves them depressed. There is no way to console a graduating senior denied his or her senior year of high school sports.

Increased Violence

A shooting in Washington, D.C. left a 17-year-old dead and 20 injured. An off duty police officer was "seriously injured" as a result of multiple shots fired from three different weapons. Rural America is not immune to increased domestic violence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In a town of 4200 residents, a teen was charged with "first and second degree murder, ... , use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and illegal transport/possession of a weapon." He ran at a 28-year-old man shooting him multiple times before running into the forest.

Mayo Clinic - Happiness

The Mayo clinic recommends eating well, sleeping well, and getting plenty of exercise. Coping with loss and disappointment isn't easy, but it helps to develop an optimistic positive attitude. Despite the pandemic, your life has meaning, a purpose, and is valuable. Communicate with your children to openly discuss what they think and feel.

Find Happiness

Happiness may be activities you used to enjoy but no longer have time to do. If you enjoyed art class in school, practice a new art form. Learn to knit or crochet, or return to your old hobby. It may take you back to the past and away from your current emotional state. Play a musical instrument. Doing something that holds your interest to disengage with the present. You'll relax and feel happy.

Find New or Novel Things to Do

Immerse yourself in nature. Feed the birds in your backyard. Vary your exercise routines. Finish the projects you began but haven't finished. Try new recipes. Contribute to charities and enjoy all the gifts and perks that they send you. Enjoy making a meaningful contribution to society.

Think Positively

Highly stressed doctors and nurses found happiness by making a list of what they were thankful for and another list of what made them sad or angry. Choose to put aside sadness and anger and choose to be happy. Forgive the people who are demanding, criticize you, or disrespect you. Practicing this behavior increases happiness and decreases stress that leaves you more susceptible to disease and unhealthy behavior.

Connect With Old Friends

Internet search engines can locate your friends from high school or college. You may find an old friend with similar interests or just enjoy finding out what your classmates are doing now. Facebook offers remarkable opportunities to connect with old friends. Ancestry online can put together your family history. An ancestry DNA test tells you not only surprising things about you and your family, but may locate close relatives that you don't even know you have. Your grandfather's sister's children may be your strongest genetic matches. Hence, you have numerous second and third cousins.

The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness is sold inexpensively online. It offers a four step process for finding happiness. The handbook combines the insight of neurologists, psychologists, philosophers, and religious leaders. Its action plan can have you choosing happiness in ten weeks or less. Its goal is to lead you to a fulfilling meaningful life free from anxiety and distress. Have meaningful discussions with your children. especially teenagers. Help them understand that some decisions that they make when they are young will be with them for the rest of their lives.

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