SHA Wellness Clinic Offers Immune System-Boosting Advice

There have been quite a few organizations across the span of the globe giving out free and helpful health advice since the novel Coronavirus first burst onto the scene at the beginning of 2020. Most of this wisdom offered by medical professionals has involved wearing masks and washing hands and social distancing. The SHA Wellness Clinic, based in Spain, is attempting to offer the world better advice than just tidbits of virus-specific wisdom. They’re offering helpful tips to boost the body’s immune system, so that the body can better fend off the novel Coronavirus and other illnesses that have long plagued mankind.

The SHA Wellness Clinic is a world-famous clinic that helps some of the world’s richest and most famous people gain control over their bodies and ultimately over their health. Their most recent publication centers on “10 ways to boost your immune system during times of Covid-19.”

Keep in mind that many of the tips offered up by the SHA clinic aren’t new. They are, however, things that people tend not to do. While leading busy lives, it’s easy to forget wellness. And while we might feel fine, our immune systems can be a wreck, and weak immune systems mean that people get a lot more easily infected with viruses like Covid-19.

So, the first thing the clinic suggests doing is eating a healthy diet of seasonal fruits and veggies. The idea here being that you’re eating fresh, organic produce that you can pick up. Nothing jarred or canned or frozen; always go for what’s fresh. SHA also states that people should be eating superfoods in order to boost their immune systems, including leafy greens, asparagus, onions and garlic.

Exercising, outdoors if you can, is also vital. Soaking up the sun’s UV rays to synthesize the right amounts of vitamin D, while boosting your cardiovascular system through exercise, is a great way to boost your body’s immune system. Resting well, on a regular schedule, and always eating a properly balanced breakfast are also great ways to help your body fight off viruses like the novel Coronavirus. Sleep energizes your body’s immune system, while feeding it properly keeps it very strong.

What the SHA Wellness Clinic emphasizes above all other things, however, is making lifestyle changes that last. For instance, they suggest that one cannot simply get on a good diet for a week and expect that to make a change. Your body is an amalgam of cells and chemical reactions, and how you’ve been treating it for years is how it’s treating you right now. So if you expect your body to operate better for you, then you need to operate better for it. And this is something that takes a lot of time and commitment on your part, following through with change.

Focusing on Your Health is Always a Plus

Even if we weren’t dealing with a global pandemic, a lot of these steps, and other healthy diet and exercise choices, will help to keep your immune system healthy so that you can fend off a wide range of viruses and other illnesses. Let us never forget that even if you removed the novel Coronavirus from the mix, we still deal with hundreds of flu strains every single year, and it ends up killing tens of thousands of people in America alone. Even in a first-world nation with good hygiene and great medical care, millions of people allow their health to lapse and tens of thousands end up dead.

So the basic idea here should be to implement these tips to help improve your immune system, whether or not there’s a global pandemic to deal with. The tricky thing about a pandemic like the novel Coronavirus is that it’s entirely unpredictable. By most expert accounts, this is a virus that mutated, similar to SARS and other strains of Corona, and the unfortunate thing here is that the world has no vaccine for it. Viruses are made up of microorganisms, which proliferate and evolve at a very rapid pace, far faster than medical science can keep up with.

By protecting your immune system, you may just be able to fight off the current pandemic virus, or potential viruses that pop up in the future. Illnesses inflict the vulnerable more than anyone, so take the advice from the SHA Wellness Clinic and do what you can to ensure you’re not among the vulnerable.

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