2020 Sees More Health and Wellness Options Than Ever

According to estimates, over half of America’s population makes some sort of New Year’s resolution in terms of wellness. Quitting smoking, giving up the drinking, and the most popular of all, losing weight and taking better care of the body, mind and spirit. In other words, wellness is something a lot of people focus on, though it’s something many cannot carry through with for lack of knowledge about trends.

One big trend taking off right now in the wellness market is in Texas, and it’s called the 40-Day Yoga Challenge. The goal with the challenge is to make it viral and exciting. Viral videos with people competing in challenges like the “hot pepper challenge” and “Godzilla challenge” draw in millions of people. So, imagine if that many people were focused on their health and fitness.

The 40-Day Yoga Challenge

The 40-Day Yoga Challenge takes place in Trybe Yoga center, located in Leander, Texas, and is a physical, on-location challenge. It will start on Sunday, March 1, and run until April 9, with any participants needing to plan and book ahead.

The idea here is that participants in this challenge will complete 30 separate practices within 40 days of yoga. However, those who can actually complete a new practice each day, with 40 separate practices over the 40-day period will receive a special bonus.

The sign-up fee is $10 per person, yet all food and drinks are provided by the yoga center, and they will focus on health and fitness, not junk food and sodas. This is big news for people who are serious about improving their wellness in the Texas area. But what about others who also want to improve their wellness?

The good news here is that 2020 is proving to be the most popular year to date for food items that help to lower blood sugar and shed pounds of fat, by avoiding putting carbohydrates into the system. This is old hat when speaking about the Atkins low-carb diet, but this is something different. The Ketogenic diet is experiencing a boom like no other dieting craze in history, and the store shelves are packed with healthy, delicious items that will make getting in shape and losing stubborn body fat easier than ever.

Weight-Loss Options Are Abundant in 2020

The Ketogenic diet operates on the principle of ketosis, which is a metabolic state where the body burns healthy fats instead of sugars for its fuel source. This has helped many people with diabetes lower their blood glucose levels and drop their A1C, and has actually even cured people of type 2 diabetes, a condition where people infected can still make their own insulin, unlike type 1 diabetes.

The reason this diet is so incredibly popular is that an entire market has been created around it that absolutely dwarfs anything the Atkins diet previously brought to bear. For instance, where one might find a few selections of low-carb candy bars on store shelves, the keto diet offers a hundred new items for every one that was previously rolled out for a low-carb lifestyle.

The options are really very exciting. First up, table sugar (sucrose) is a very bad substance. Most medical professionals agree now, unlike thirty years ago, that sugar is the number-one cause of insulin resistance and inflammation in the body, which leads to clogged arteries and diabetes and other issues.

Instead of dealing with those quick-burning carbs from those simple sugars that raise the body’s glucose levels, ketogenic dieters can enjoy dozens of sugar substitutes that are every bit as sweet (sometimes even sweeter) as real sugar, yet contain 0 carbs and will not spike insulin. These sweeteners include Stevia, Erythritol, Monk fruit, Sucralose, Allulose, and many more.

The great thing about these substitutes is that they can be baked with, just like real sugar, so people never have to give up their sweet tooth, yet can improve their wellness and actually drop those stubborn pounds, while regulating their blood sugar.

This is made possible thanks to all the different flours (or “meals,” if you prefer) that are gluten free and contain very few carbs. Items such as almond flour, coconut flour, protein isolate, flax seed meal, chia seed flour, and other substances allow people to bake cakes, brownies, cookies, and much more, with a tiny fraction of the net carbs found in wheat flours. These ideas are perfect for the wellness crown, even insofar as it extends to those with gluten sensitives.

The bottom line is that shopping for keto might just be the best way this year to get back on track to wellness.

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